Welcome to Meezak Technologies Ltd.

We Design, Develop & Deliver top-notch IT Solutions

Our Portfolio is available on request

Welcome to Meezak Technologies Ltd.

We Design, Develop & Deliver top-notch IT Solutions

Welcome to Meezak Technologies Ltd.

We Design, Develop & Deliver top-notch IT Solutions

About Us

We have more than about 7+ years of experience in IT solutions.

Meezak Technologies is a registered startup IT Consulting Company registered in Nigeria, West Africa but operating globally with the majority of our clients located in Europe, the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Our Core aim is focused on developing solutions that are the best fit for the business requirements of our clients. We are committed to delivering quality and outstanding solutions to increase our client's business value.

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  • Secured 
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our Services

We have acquired lots of experience building IT Solutions with various Technologies across various Business Sectors.

Business Website Design

We have developed a modern responsive website for various businesses with Management and Maintenance handled by us. All our business websites come with a CMS to help our clients with easy updates of website content.

Business Branding (Graphics)

We create unique brand experience for your business. We use Graphics to illustrate your business values and culture.

Enterprise/Web App Development

We build customized Web, Mobile & Desktop based applications to enhance the productivity of our client businesses. We help in automating the tedious tasks, making operations more fast and more efficient.

Game Solution

We offer world-class IOS and Android Game Development services. We develop Mobile , web and console games tailored to your requirements.

Mobile App Development

We build customized Mobile applications to enhance the productivity your business. We help in automating the tedious tasks, making operations faster and more efficient.

Server Provisioning

We Provision on-Premise and Cloud servers for app and database deployment solutions including all required services.

Remote Mentorship & Training

We mentor & groom potential software engineers, preparing them for the global market. This is part of our contribution to our community

Our Clients

30+ clients and 70+ projects across the globe.

Our solutions are developed with modern technologies and frameworks that offer long-term usability. So, we guarantee a lifetime solution.

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Our Testimonial

I hired meezak tech to build my FinTech Start-Up Project (Finclay) which he did perfectly well. It's been 3-4 years and everything is still running fine. He responses to update and support on time

Kehinde Ojedokun ( CEO - Finclay, Nigeria )

Very Intelligent Team with Faster & Quality Service.

Abiodun CEO - PANCEPAY , Lagos , Nigeria )

They offers great customer support

Micheal James UK


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Our Service is cheaper & Top notch because we have qualified and competent Engineers in our Team who works for Top IT Companies across the world and also work for Us part time.

    First , you need a Business Analyst and you need us. We offer the service of Business Analysis though you have to pay for it Separately. After Analysing your Business , then you need to build a Demo or a Prototype . You can use the Demo to get Investors prior the actual building of the System

    Yes , we help get Investors if your App sounds disruptive enough in your target Market . We also invest in Software & IT Projects

    The Apps or Platform on our Product Page are our own Apps built for ourselves.

    The Apps or Platform on our Portfolio Page are Apps built for our Customers.

    We have Security Experts in our Team who works for Top Security companies in the UK. We conduct unit testing , integration testing , End to End Testing & smoke Testing on all our Solutions in Staging Environment before releasing to Production. We also run Penetration Testing on our System though this service is paid for differently.

    There is no fixed price for a website design , every website requires different features.

    Chat us on WhatsApp or via our Email , tell us about your website , the features you want and we will generate a quotation based on those features and send you the Total Cost

    Yes , in your quotation there is cost of Deployment / Hosting , if you tick it and pay for it , We will handle that for you

    There is no fixed price, every App has required features. When you send those features to us , we will send you the Project Cost.

    Yes , we have affiliation to an International Game Company , so we collaborate on Game Project . We build Mobile , Web , desktop and Console Games.

    Yes , you have to keep paying maintenance fees ( Hosting , SSL & Domain ) this money go to the Server Providers not our Company.

    We Adopt Agile SCRUM Methodologies in our Projects . We have Quality and well Experienced Engineers , Developers , Designers , Server Administrators in our Team. We listen to Client and ensure we get adequate Requirements and we build the software iteratively to capture changing requirements and ensure all requirements of Client are built. We conduct rigorous Acceptance Testing ( Smoke Test ) before we release the software into Production ( for End Users ) use , this ensures a Fully working System is released with no Bugs.